Respect and Rapport

So you have created a new relationship that could be really important to building up your business.

The problem is that the person is not really a person you feel like you would like to get to know. Maybe not the type of person you would usually get along with, hang out with or maybe there is just something you don't like about them...

What do you do?

Simple- treat them like they are the only customer you have, with exactly the same exceptional service, follow up, communication and respect. They are the lifeblood of your business. Build on the relationship by knowing them- who they are and exactly what they expect. Profile them, you may not like them but you do not really have to like them, you just have to be professional with them and treat them well.

After years of working in the Community Services Industry within intellectual disability and the mental health sector, I learned one incredibly valuable life lesson. Treat people the way you expect to be treated but above all else- treat them with unconditional positive regard. This saved my bacon on many occasions as it altered my attitude and generated better days- even in the client's darkest hours.

I managed to "check it in at the door" when I went to work with a client. Didn't take any of my personal bias or judgement in to the situation and looked at the person as just that- a person who needed my utmost attention and service for the time that I was with them. This made a huge difference in our relationship and meant far better days for both of us.