Relationships are key.

Some of the aspects of conducting a good business are simple. Finding new business starts with being able to reach out and create a new relationship. As easy as that? Sounds simple, however not everyone has the "knack" when it comes to creating a new relationship. One reminder phrase of relationship and business building that I always have in the back of my mind is this: "you never know where your next conversation may lead".

Relationship building is about the engagement.

You meet, you build rapport, you get to know each other. The difference between a business builder and a relationship manager is the follow up and always remembering your client. #smallbusiness and #startup owners need to be excellent at both of these roles.

I mean really know your client. Utilise systems within your business that will help you remember key points about your client- or even potential client. I have utilised a free CRM (drop me a line if you need more info) and found this to be really effective to help me to remember my clients- who they are and what needs they have.

Some things to remember about your client to enhance a relationship and further encourage opportunity?

- Names are a great start, partner, children and even pets.

- Favourites- sporting teams, restaurants, foods.

- Places- where they are from, where they have lived.

Know your client well and not only will it enhance your opportunities together but your client will never hesitate in recommending you to associates that have a need- this could be invaluable to the future of your business!