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How To Stop Playing Slots

How To Stop Losing At Playing Slots Strategy Can Help. There are a few things that can be done to stop losing at slots. The obvious thing would be to pull... Know Your Limitations. Setting yourself a cash limit may not help you win, but it will prevent devastating loses.

Do. You only take 2,400 spins. Look at this in terms of how much you’re going to lose like in the previous section. At $1 per spin, you risk $3,120 taking 520 spins every hour and you only risk $2,400 when you take 400 spins every hour. You risk less taking fewer spins, which directly leads to fewer losses. • when you're playing a negative-expectation game (one in which the casino has the edge and over the long run you're mathematically guaranteed to lose). Serious gamblers and professionals, whose main interest is profit, will tell you to walk away from that kind of game even before you drop in a single coin.

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